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And I have eaten out a lot this week – each time I have had a good experience, which is not always the case for the coeliac.

My first good experience was at Woktastic  in Birmingham. I have been there for their lovely Sushi before and asked about gluten-free soy sauce. This time when I went they had got some in (following my previous request). The first good experience.

Then on Thursday I was in London and went to one of the Bella Italia‘s in Leicester Square  as I had been told they have a gluten-free menu, and you don’t have to pre-book your meal. It’s true and the food was good too with a separate menu with plenty of choice.

Then onto Newcastle to visit my daughter, first of all a lovely meal at a local Indian restaurant – Shahira  where they were very helpful and the meal was tasty too.

The next day we had food from another continent with tapas at El Coto  recommended by a Coeliac friend of my daughter. She was right it is excellent, with  a wide range of gluten-free dishes. I only wish there were more restaurants nearer to me in Wolverhampton. As it is those of you in Durham and Newcastle are lucky.

Finally today tapas again – this time La Tasca by the millennium bridge in Newcastle. This is a company I have used before who have clearly marked menu’s.

So I have had a good trip around the world’s cuisines, with all of the experiences excellent. I only wish it was always like this – maybe it will be, I can live in hope…………


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