It means that you are doing regular, steady work on your business and regularly using and selling products, and talking to people about the business. It is the base of an excellent business, and a great habit to teach to people as they join the business.
So what is a CC?
A CC is the virtual currency that is used for Forever Living so that we can all compare what we are doing across all 155 countries where we trade. If I said to someone in France that I had done £200 of retail business they would not be able to equate that to the business that they do. However if I say I have done 1CC they will know what that means.
When Forever starts in each country the company sets the value of a CC in the currency of that country.
Why is 4CC’s important?
Getting 4CC’s a month is the first business building target that Forever Living encourages us to achieve.  It is an excellent habit to get into, and is a great example to set to new team members when they join you. If you have a team who are all doing at least 4CC’s a month you will be building a solid business.

Doing 4CC’s earns you c£200p.m. from the profit from sales (30%) and the bonus you will receive (5-18%).

When you are building a team you need to achieve 4CC’s each month in order to receive your team leading or networking bonuses once you reach Supervisor or above. You will always receive the bonus on your retail sales whether or not you get your 4CC’s.

It is also the minimum required to get all of the Manager incentives:

  • Earned incentive (a monthly payment of £263-525 a month for 3 years.
  • International travel
  • Chairman’s bonus

The reason Forever Living have set this as a requirement to earn these team building bonuses and incentive is that it means that you are showing great business practice to the people you recruit. If they can see you doing, you are encouraging them to do the same as you are- setting a good example. If you encourage each new recruit in your team to aim for 4CC’s then you will be building a team that are earning an income, building their businesses and you will be building up the CC’s you need to go up the marketing plan and earn larger bonuses (and get the products for less too for your personal use).
How does it help you build your business?
For example:
To move from Assistant Supervisor to Supervisor level and an increase of 3% to your bonus you, and your team combined! need to do 25CC’s of business over 2 months.
If you recruit 2 team members who each do 4CC’s in a month that, with your 4CC’s is 12Cc’s just under half what you need to get to Supervisor level of 25CC’s to move up to 8% bonus. The next month if you all do the same, and even if you didn’t recruit, you only need 1 more CC’s to move up.

I have now been 4CC active for more than 12 months and have 3 month, 6 month and 12 month pins and certificates from the company to celebrate our progress.  It feels great to get the recognition – and we get to stand and be celebrated at the Success Express too.

How do you do 4cc’s?

By not focussing on 4cc’s  but focussing on:

1. Redirecting your own spending and use the products yourself . If there is a Forever equivalent to a product you already use then use it – I personally have an Aloe house where every product I use is from Forever Living if they make it.

2. Present the business opportunity to as many people as you can and wherever you go

3. Follow up with the products when you talk to people and aim to build a retail base of 20-30 regular customers.

If you think that this is something you could do, and you want to find out more get In touch with me to see if we can work together to build you an effective business.