I am a member of Alison’s team in Forever and have found the experience has been great. My background is working in a local authority and so I enjoy being part of a wider team that helps me develop my own business.
I am enjoying the networking element of my new business – and the way that small businesses work together to help each other.
Like Alison I am looking for existing business owners who are interested in adding an extra income stream to their current business. Get in touch with me if you know of anyone who fits the bill.

Silicon Bullet Forever

I have run my own business now since 2000 and I’ve always been the sort to try to do everything myself.  If I can get the task done and I have time, why should I pay someone else to do it?
Trying to do too much.
Since I have been a keen networker, though, over the last four years I have gradually learned that doing everything yourself is not necessarily the most cost-effective and best way to run your own small business.  When those jobs that you really don’t enjoy start to pile up, isn’t it better to outsource them to someone who can do them quickly and efficiently and then get on with the jobs you know that you are skilled at? I have now met many other small business owners, and by trading services and assisting each other, we can all help each other to grow.

I joined Forever Living in June 2012…

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